The Path of Primordial Grace

Bringing Dzogchen/ati-yoga back to the original Heart of the Earth

Primordial Grace

Primordial grace, the great perfection woven throughout the fabric of being, offers always a way home, in and through the natural radiance of the origin itself. The practices of opening to this sacred wholeness arose out of direct experience in the wilderness long before humans turned from the Earth and created structures of separation.

Particularly now in these times of great upheaval brought on by human insistence on remaining apart from the natural world, we need to make a different choice by embracing the teachings that are all around us manifesting naturally as the vision that is this life, letting go of separation, reconnecting with the Earth, and acknowledging the radiant intent at the heart of all being.

A guide for reuniting with this primordial path as a prayer for all life, Primordial Grace joins a greatly revised version of their previous work, Luminous Heart of the Earth, with the visionary path of radiance, providing a guide to the natural wholeness of the complete path.

Primordial Grace is offered as a seed of hope, and within a seed is the energy to live and grow in the rubble of this age and reestablish human connection with the primordial grace of Earth, original heart, and radiance.

Heart Seed Press 2014  ISBN 978-0-9831945-5-2

5.25″ x 8″, 312 pages, 15 black and white illustrations

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Luminous Heart of Inner Radiance

    Tögal (Thogal) is an ancient spiritual path, a dynamic visionary process arising from your heart and the very basis of all manifestation. The rainbow-colored visions of Tögal are primordial; they are the first and most radiant aspect of manifestation closest to essence. They are a doorway to direct perception of the luminous union of essence and radiance, and they are not separate from the natural world. They arise from the same source and for the same reason, to provide an avenue for return to essence; there is a sacred intent, a great compassion, woven throughout the very fabric of being.

    The visions of Tögal mature in a way that is both specific and beautiful. Robert and Rachel Olds kept sketchbooks of the Tögal visions during their nine-year retreat together, and they share their drawings and the perspective that the ripening of Tögal brings to show the correlation between the visions of inner radiance and the vision that is this life. The images in the visions are not esoteric or secret; they are all around us in the natural world, from concentric rings on the surface of a pond to the patterns of the background radiation of the universe itself. The visions of Tögal and the natural world are equally sacred. Now more than ever, when our Earth is in peril due to non-recognition of this inherent holiness, it is important to acknowledge and reaffirm the sacredness of this entire arising vision we call life.

Heart Seed Press 2011               ISBN 978-0983194507

11 x 8.5 inches, full color, 172 pages, 145 color illustrations

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Distance Becomes Sky

Understanding is a bridge, what happens when you go across to the other side. A story is one way to cross that bridge and inhabit a world of possibility.

In a story woven of voices of animals, people, and the land, exiles from an imploding Orwellian culture encounter the relict natural world, themselves, and each other, and enter an older way of being, blended in openness. An exploration of the way home. A story of sacred Earth.

Visionary Fiction

new from Heart Seed Press 2014   ISBN 978-0983194514

5.25″ x 8″, 476 pages

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A Circle Is Drawn

Throughout the dream of time, throughout countless cycles of elaboration and decline, the essential spiritual path remains the same, revealing the timeless essence, the oneness at the heart of all experience. This is a primordial path of return from the point of origin, just as a circle is drawn. The origin is not far away in another time or another culture. It is here, now, within the immediacy of your direct experience, reflected in the luminous knowingless knowing shining out of your heart and all manifestation, outside the elaborations of intellect, outside the boundaries that maintain separation. This original truth abiding naturally in your heart invites full participation in this wondrous vision we call life and is most easily recognized and embraced within the natural world.

Sacred Earth

Our Earth is a sacred luminous fluid vision of life where all beings may ride the tides of their spiritual growth to fruition. A sacred primordial intent lives within all things, peaceful and allowing, nurturing to all within a dynamic movement of change. The universe, our Mother Earth arise from a sacred primordial intent and you can ride this holy message of great love to fruition.


Original Heart

We are meant to be an integral part of this living beatitude, like the Earth, like the sky, like the rain, like the rainbow. The intent of essence is expressed as the openness of space, the fluidity of water, the responsiveness of Earth, the radiance of light, and the expanse of spherical wisdom in Original Heart. Let go of the tension the mind creates and blend back into the heart of this loving intent, to again walk through the threshold of nature, to simply be one with all things, just as they are. 

The Visions of Radiance - Tögal the primordial Message of Divine Grace

Tögal is a dynamic visionary process arising from your heart and the very basis of all manifestation. It is a relationship, a practice of the approach of grace. The visions of inner radiance are already within a luminous seed or sphere that abides in the heart of every being. Engagement with the visions is the ancient Path of Joy, also known as Tögal, a profound connection with the living essence manifest in its purest form, a natural unconfused practice free of the assumptions of language or culture. 

the visions of Radiance at the edge of extinction

We are now within the sixth extinction on Earth. All the warning signs are present; we have all heard them and even experienced them first hand. Many scientists feel we may have entered the period of abrupt climate change similar to other extinction events in our Earth’s history. We are in a very intense time of change, a powerful time where the holding patterns of our world culture begins to crack away, leaving a space that only a blended way of living with the Earth can fill. Knowing that our time is running short, leaves you in the open desert of your heart with a harsh quiet before the storm but it is good to remember that there is a primordial intent to the universe, the Earth, and to all life, the radiance exists for a reason. At a time when this sacred living land is being destroyed, humans need to know that the primordial visions of radiance, Tögal (Thogal) exist, for we are a union beyond separation and that the visions are alive within the fabric of being and in their hearts.